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Although facelift has traditionally been a procedure enjoyed almost exclusively by women, a growing number of men are now seeking facelift. This trend makes sense: aging takes just as much of a toll on men’s faces, so why wouldn’t men want to have a more rejuvenated look with fewer wrinkles?

Dr. Ereso uses surgery to shave years off a man’s appearance, while fully understanding the need to adjust traditional facelift techniques to avoid “feminizing” the face. On average, men have thicker skin, denser muscles and a more severe bone structure, all of which should be taken into account when providing a man with a rejuvenated but no less ruggedly handsome face.

Male Facelift Candidacy

Men who want to address wrinkles, fat deposits and loose skin on the lower half of the face and beneath the skin are typically good candidates for facelift surgery. These men should be in good health and set reasonable expectations for what facelift can accomplish.  

Benefits of Facelift for Men

Male facelift firms up loose skin and eliminates wrinkles that have formed on the lower half of the face due to aging. It can remove fat deposits around the chin to achieve a sharper, more defined jawline. Men with a younger appearance enjoy more social and professional opportunities than those whose faces reflect their true age.

Why Choose Us for Male Facelift?

Facelift surgery for men requires different techniques to avoid feminizing the face, so male patients should seek out an experienced professional like Dr. Ereso with a deep understanding of the male aesthetic. He can customize the procedure to change the specific aspects of the face that you request.

Preparation for Facial Plastic Surgery

During your consultation, be prepared to communicate the parts of your face and skin you are unhappy with so Dr. Ereso can devise a precise surgical plan to address these issues. You are advised to stop smoking and taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin ahead of the surgery.

Facelift for Men Recovery and Results

Older Model for Male Facelift PageExpect significant downtime following facelift as you allow your face to heal and the bruising to fade. After two weeks, most patients feel well enough to return to work, though strenuous exercise is not advisable for the first month.

It will take a few weeks for the swelling to subside and the results of your new face to start to show. You can expect to see the final results settle into place three or four months after your surgery.

Risks and Safety Concerns for Facelift

While facelift is a safe procedure, all plastic surgery carries a slight risk of heavy bleeding and infection. Follow Dr. Ereso’s recommendations for keeping your incision wounds clean to better prevent any complications and accelerate healing. 

Complementary Procedures and Alternatives to Male Facelift

Neck lift is incorporated into most facelift surgeries. Often times, when men want facelift surgery, they are primarily concerned with the skin and fat that congregates along the jawline. If that is the case for you, you may discuss with Dr. Ereso the possibility of focusing on that area with neck lift surgery instead of facelift. 

Male Facelift Costs and Financing Options

The total cost of a facelift ranges from $12,000 – 15,000, depending on the extent of the work being performed. Following a consultation, Dr. Ereso can quote you a price specific to the changes you have requested. CareCredit is available to patients who may need financing to pay for the surgery.

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