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Composite Breast Augmentation for San Jose


Sometimes women achieve a good improvement in the size and shape of their breasts after implant placement, but the breasts still appear somewhat unnatural. The cleavage may be too wide or the lateral appearance of the breast seems a bit harsh. The upper pole of the breast may be not as full as the patient desires. Rippling and other abnormalities may also occur even if the implants are placed beneath the pectoral muscle. What is the solution to these difficult problems?

Combining Implants with Fat Transfer

At the same time a breast augmentation is performed using an implant, you may consider adding fat grafting as a technique to improve any of the problems noted above. Why? Particularly in thin patients or patients with a wide, bony sternum, fat can be added to soften and narrow the cleavage, leaving a softer, more natural appearance. Fat can also be added to reduce the appearance of rippling, soften the lateral appearance of the breast, lower the fold of the breast or fill the upper pole of the breast. Fat grafting is a great adjunctive technique that can help change a good result to a fantastic result. It is essential to discuss these alternatives with Dr. Ereso before a traditional implant breast augmentation.

What about Fat Grafting Later?

This is a fabulous idea and can always be done at a later time if a traditional procedure did not fulfill your desires. Sometimes the hardest part of the procedure, especially in thin women, is to find enough fat to correct the problem! Remember that harvesting the fat is a cosmetic procedure as well and can significantly improve the appearance of other areas of your body at the same time as correcting your breast abnormality.

Risks Associated with Breast Implant Surgery

There are literally millions of women that have had breast implants for a wide variety of reasons. Many secondary problems have resulted even from well-performed surgery. Fat grafting is a great tool that has been added to Dr. Ereso’s treasure chest of ideas and techniques to help you achieve your desired result.

Composite Breast Augmentation Candidacy

You may be a candidate for composite breast augmentation if you are healthy and do not suffer from any medical conditions that could affect the safety or outcomes of surgery. You should understand what composite breast augmentation can and cannot achieve and decide that the potential benefits outweigh the risks of surgery.

You will need to have sufficient fat available in another area of your body (e.g., your abdomen, hips or thighs) to transplant to your breasts. If you are extremely slender or petite, Dr. Ereso can advise you of your options.

Benefits of Composite Breast Augmentation

With composite breast augmentation, you can enjoy larger, more symmetrical breasts and beautiful cleavage. Your breasts will have a softer feel and an appealing shape that may not be achievable with breast implants alone.

Consultation with Dr. Ereso

Prior to your composite breast augmentation procedure, you will meet with Dr. Ereso to go over your treatment goals and expectations. The doctor will explain how he will tailor his techniques to meet your specific needs. Dr. Ereso may use imaging software to help you select your implant size and shape and flesh out other details about your procedure.

Preparation for Cosmetic Surgery

Preparing for any plastic surgery procedure, including composite breast augmentation, requires temporarily stopping any medications, vitamins or supplements that could cause increased bleeding or interfere with anesthesia during surgery. Dr. Ereso will review your medications and make the necessary recommendations. He will also advise whether you need to make additional lifestyle changes – such as discontinuing smoking – prior to your procedure.

Composite Breast Augmentation Procedure Details

The composite breast augmentation procedure involves three steps.

First, Dr. Ereso will make the incisions on the breasts and create pockets for the pre-determined implants. Next, he will perform liposuction on the pre-determined “donor” area and remove fat tissue to transplant to the breasts. After the fat has been purified and processed, Dr. Ereso will inject it into the breasts to add implant coverage as well as additional shape and volume to the breasts.

Composite Breast Augmentation Recovery

The recovery from composite breast augmentation lasts several weeks. During that time, it is normal to experience bruising, swelling and some tenderness in the breasts and donor area of the body. The majority of the aftereffects will subside after approximately two weeks, and you will start feeling like yourself again.

Dr. Ereso asks that you refrain from any strenuous activity during your recovery. He will provide a timeline for resuming work, exercise and other physical activities.

Risks/Safety of Surgery

Safety is Dr. Ereso’s foremost priority. He will explain the precautions he takes to ensure a safe and smooth procedure. After surgery, it is critical that you follow his recovery instructions to minimize the chances of a complication.

Patient Reviews/Testimonials

“’I’m a mom of 2 kids under 5yrs and after years of not taking care of myself, I really wanted to turn things around for my health and physical appearance. with some perseverance, I dropped some weight and wanted to take things a bit further with a subtle breast augmentation. I feel fortunate to find the find right surgeon for me in Dr. Ereso. The initial consultation was excellent because Dr. Ereso thoroughly gave me all the fascinating background info that I never would know I should know to ask. and of course, he answered all my questions completely. For due diligence, I went to consult with other doctors and after those visits, I understood better how Dr. Ereso was a standout in innately understanding what I wanted out of this surgery, personally tailored to my standing as a mom, my culture, and race, and my age, and my future breast health. and it turns out I was right. I’m almost half a year post-surgery and I love the results. It couldn’t have gone any better. Best purchase ever is what I tell my friends. Dr. Ereso has lengthy experience with augmentations on women similar to myself which made me confident that his execution of the procedure would deliver what I desired. In my follow-up visits, I feel completely taken care of. I continue to feel like a valued patient and my niggling concerns are always heard out. thankfully everything has been going great post-op”

Composite Breast Augmentation Costs/Financing

At your pre-operative consultation, you will meet with our office staff to go over a personalized price quote for your composite breast augmentation. Our team can explain what is included in the cost of composite breast augmentation and answer any questions you have.

We will also discuss payment and financing options. If you qualify, you have the choice to finance your treatment through CareCredit, which allows you to split the total cost of surgery into monthly payments.

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