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A number of things, from pregnancy to the aging process, can affect the youthful and naturally beautiful shape of a woman’s breasts. Whatever the cause, the shape and position of a woman’s breasts can be restored by a breast lift with breast implants, a popular procedure at our Mountain View facility. Dr. Alexander Ereso is the premier breast lift surgeon in the San Jose Bay Area.

Sagging breasts can be corrected to a more youthful appearance by removing redundant skin and soft tissue. Using breast implants, placed beneath the breast tissue or pectoral muscle and breast tissue, at the time of mastopexy can help restore beautifully shaped breasts.

Newer techniques have resulted in smaller external scars, improved breast shape and a high degree of patient satisfaction. Dr. Ereso always uses the latest, scar-minimizing techniques. For over a decade, we have been performing the breast lift with breast implants procedure at our beautiful Mountain View plastic surgery center. Dr. Ereso has the expertise and experience to optimize your results and give you the beautiful, natural-looking breasts you have always dreamed of.

Ideal Breast Lift Candidates

A breast lift can be performed at any age, but plastic surgeons usually recommend waiting until breast development has stopped. Pregnancy and breast-feeding may affect the size and shape of your breasts, so you may wish to postpone surgery until after having children.

You may be a good candidate for breast lift surgery if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Breasts are pendulous
  • Breasts lack substance and firmness
  • Breasts look ‘deflated’ after pregnancy or weight loss
  • Nipples and areolas point downward, especially if they are positioned below the breast crease

If you are a well-qualified candidate for the breast lift with breast implants surgery, contact our Mountain View plastic surgery practice, serving the entire San Jose Bay Area.

Your Personal Breast Lift Consultation

A personal consultation is the first step. Dr. Ereso will assess your physical and emotional health and discuss your specific cosmetic goals for surgery.

You should arrive at the consultation prepared to provide complete information about:

  • Previous surgeries
  • Past and present medical conditions
  • Treatments you have received
  • Medications that you are taking, including nutritional supplements and herbal remedies
  • Past experience with weight loss and pregnancies and the effect it had on your breast size
  • The results of mammograms you have had
  • Any history of breast cancer in your family

The Breast Lift with Breast Implants Procedure

Your anatomy, our surgeon’s preferences and your desired results will determine the specific method chosen for your breast lift with breast implants procedure. The most common method of breast lift surgery involves an incision made completely around the outer edge of the nipple (areola). Removing breast skin around the areola and frequently reducing the size of the nipple-areola complex together with placing an implant beneath the breast tissue and pectoral muscle results in a breast with better size and shape with a small scar. When there is more skin laxity, a teardrop shape of skin and deep tissue is removed resulting in a lollipop incision. Occasionally a horizontal incision beneath the breast that follows the natural curve of the breast is added to achieve the best breast shape.

After our plastic surgeon has removed the excess breast skin and shaped the remaining breast tissue, the nipple and areola are shifted to a higher position. The areola, which is usually stretched out in sagging breasts, can also be reduced in size. Skin that was formerly located above the areola is brought down and together to reshape the breast. In some cases, liposuction may be used to improve the contour, especially on the sides of the breasts.

The nipples and areolas remain attached to the underlying mounds of tissue and this usually allows for the preservation of sensation and the ability to breast-feed.

The Keller Funnel

Silicone gel implants are a lot like really tough water balloons. Up until now, surgeons needed to poke the pre-filled breast implants by hand through small incision sites, potentially bruising surrounding tissue and weakening the implant shell. The Keller Funnel is a soft, cone-shaped, sterile device made of nylon. The Funnel allows Dr. Ereso to use a no-touch delivery technique, which is believed to reduce capsular contracture, a painful complication associated with breast augmentation procedures. The Funnel has a special interior coating that creates a super slick surface. Once the Funnel tip is placed through the incision, the plastic surgeon quickly propels the implant gently into place with minimal force, bypassing the implant’s contact with the skin.

Benefits of using the Keller Funnel include:

  • Shorter incision lengths
  • Improved comfort and faster healing
  • No touch technique
  • More choices for incision placement
  • Reduced force on the implant and incision
  • Reduced risk of contamination and infection

The Keller Funnel allows Dr. Ereso to make smaller incisions, similar to those used in saline implant procedures.

Women and their surgeons have increasingly selected silicone gel implants for their natural look and feel, and today, according to the annual report provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgery, more silicone gel implants are placed than saline.

According to a recent survey conducted among surgeons with experience using the Funnel:

  • 91 percent reported that use of the Funnel reduces incision lengths
  • 92 percent of physicians using the Funnel believe use of the Funnel reduces force on the implant shell
  • 43 percent feel that incisions heal better with the use of the Funnel, and believe patients appear less swollen and bruised
  • 75 percent reported using the device reduced the risk of infection
  • Nearly 70 percent believed it lessened patient bruising and may reduce the incidence of capsular contracture, a painful complication associated with breast augmentation procedures

Safety of Breast Lift with Breast Implants

Each year, thousands of people have breast lifts and experience no major complications. However, it is important for you to be informed of the risks as well as the benefits.

Dr. Ereso will inform you of the possible complications of breast lift surgery. In addition to listening carefully to what he tells you, be sure to raise any questions you may have about the safety of the procedure.

By carefully following his advice and instructions – both before and after surgery – you can minimize some of the risks.

Breast Lift Recovery


Within the first week

  • You will begin to move about more comfortably and perhaps even return to (non-strenuous) work
  • Sutures will be removed and dressings will be changed

After several weeks

  • Bruising, swelling and normal periodic discomfort will diminish
  • You can discontinue wearing a surgical support bra
  • Sensation within the nipple and areola area will gradually improve
  • You may return to most of your normal activities, including mild exercise

After a few months

  • Your breasts will start settling into a more natural shape
  • Incision lines, which initially are red or pink, will begin to fade

Avoid straining, bending and lifting during the early postoperative period. You may resume most of your normal activities after 2-3 weeks.

Breast Lift with Breasts Implants Results

Dr. Ereso will make every effort to make your breast lift scars as inconspicuous as possible. Still, it’s important to remember that mastopexy scars are permanent. They gradually become less obvious, sometimes eventually fading to thin white lines. Fortunately, the scars can usually be placed so that you can wear even low-cut tops.

Keep in mind that a breast lift won’t keep you firm forever; the effects of gravity, pregnancy, aging, and weight fluctuations will eventually take their toll again.

Your satisfaction with a breast lift is likely to be greater if you understand the procedure thoroughly and if your expectations are realistic.

To find out if you could benefit from the breast lift with breast implants procedure, contact our Mountain View plastic surgery practice today.

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