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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation for San Jose


Would you like bigger, fuller breasts and softer cleavage that looks totally natural and does not require an implant? Dr. Alexander Ereso is excited about an innovative procedure that has been producing excellent results: autologous fat grafting for breast enhancement. Fat grafting is perfect for women seeking a relatively modest increase in breast size as well as a less invasive approach. While this is not a new technique, it has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years as more women desire natural breast enlargement results.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Candidacy

Generally, breast augmentation candidates have naturally small or asymmetrical breasts, or have lost breast volume with pregnancy, nursing or age.

Candidates should be in good physical and psychological health and be free of any medical conditions that could compromise the safety of the surgery. Also, candidates for breast augmentation should have reasonable expectations of the surgery and understand the possible (rare) complications. To reach your desired breast volume it may be necessary to have a second fat transfer procedure. If a large volume change is desired, Dr. Ereso will probably recommend a more traditional breast implant breast enhancement.

If you wish to pursue breast augmentation with autologous fat grafting, there is an additional element to consider. You must have excess unwanted fat in another area of your body that our plastic surgeon can use. Usually Dr. Ereso takes the donor fat from the abdomen or thighs, but sometimes fat is taken from the back, arms or chest wall.

Natural Breast Augmentation Benefits

There are a few reasons why fat grafting is becoming a popular alternative to traditional breast augmentation. As mentioned, it produces more natural-looking results, as opposed to a dramatic transformation. Fat grafting uses injections – not incisions – to add volume to the breasts, so it is a less-invasive approach. Also, the area of the body from which the fat is harvested will look slimmer and more toned after treatment. Finally, some women feel more comfortable using autologous fat to enhance their breasts, as opposed to having a foreign medical device implanted.

Consultation with Dr. Ereso

Your consultation is an opportunity for you to personally meet with Dr. Ereso and discuss your concerns and treatment goals. The plastic surgeon can tell you more about fat transfer and determine whether it is an appropriate solution to your needs. Be prepared to answer questions about your medical history, medications, allergies and any previous surgeries. This information will help Dr. Ereso plan a safe procedure.

If you decide to move ahead with surgery, our team can discuss logistical details such as scheduling, payment and financing options with you.

Preparation for Breast Augmentation

In anticipation of your fat transfer breast augmentation, follow all of your pre-operative instructions from Dr. Ereso and our team. If the doctor has identified any medications you take that could increase the risks of surgery, stop or switch them as advised.

Try to maintain your weight with a healthy diet and exercise routine. Do not smoke, use other nicotine products or drink a lot of alcohol.

Make arrangements for a companion to drive you to and from surgery and stay with you for the first night after surgery. Schedule time off work to recover and secure help for children or pets.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Treatment Details

First, Dr. Ereso will use liposuction techniques to harvest donor fat from another area of the body (e.g., the abdomen or thighs). The fat will be purified and prepared for re-injection. Then, the plastic surgeon will inject small amounts of fat into the breasts to add volume and shape. The fat will be strategically placed so it develops its own blood supply needed for survival.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Dr. Ereso encourages you to take a week or two off from work after autologous breast augmentation to recover. Initially, you may experience bruising, swelling, bleeding and mild discomfort in your breasts and the donor area, with the aftereffects gradually subsiding over time. Medication is prescribed to help resolve any pain.

During your recovery, you will be outfitted in a compression garment to help the treated tissues heal and minimize swelling. Wear this garment as much as possible, removing it only to shower and launder. Avoid any activity that could strain your healing breasts, including lifting heavy objects, jumping/bouncing or performing chest exercises.

You will meet with Dr. Ereso throughout your recovery so he can check your healing progress, answer your questions and advise when to resume your normal routine.


In order for the results of natural breast augmentation to last, the transplanted fat cells must develop a blood supply in their new position. Not all of the fat will survive after being grafted, so Dr. Ereso may inject more fat than is necessary to compensate.

Approximately three to six months after your fat transfer breast augmentation, your final results will reveal themselves. Dr. Ereso will follow up with you to evaluate your satisfaction with your results.

Risks/Safety of natural Augmentation

When natural breast augmentation is performed by a plastic surgeon trained in fat grafting techniques, complications are rare. Possible risks include infection, blood or fluid accumulations under the skin, skin irregularities or asymmetrical results.

Patient Reviews/Testimonials

“This review has been a long time coming (almost one year soon). Dr Ereso and team are absolutely wonderful. Dr Ereso listened to exactly what I wanted and gave me a realistic view about the results that I could look forward to. After a whole year I can say to this day I am in love with the way I look and it makes me feel more confident than ever before. Dr Ereso and his team did an amazing job following up and making sure I was recovering well. I never felt once that I was being pushed towards a certain treatment or only given one option. I would recommend anyone who would like to enhance themselves in any way to come visit this great team.”

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Costs/Financing

It is understandable that cost is a contributing factor in the decision to undergo autologous breast augmentation. For a customized natural breast augmentation quote, please request a consultation at Pearl-Ereso Plastic Surgery Center today.

If you decide to obtain and compare quotes from several surgeons, Dr. Ereso urges you to choose your surgeon based on his or her experience and skills. Your safety and satisfaction are not worth cutting corners to get a low price. Think of the cost of surgery as an important investment in your confidence and well-being.

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