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Mommy Makeover in San Jose

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Having children is a blessing, but there is no doubt that pregnancy alters the shape of your body. It is common for new mothers to want to reclaim their pre-pregnancy physique, and often times it takes plastic surgery to make that a reality.

That is why Dr. Alexander Ereso offers mommy makeover, a combination of procedures customized for mothers to restore their bodies to the shape they want. Whether you are interested in perkier breasts, slimmer thighs or less abdominal fat, Dr. Ereso will work to devise a plan that will have you loving your body all over again.  

Mommy Makeover Candidacy

Women who have given birth and want to see improvements to their body, specifically their breasts, stomach, thighs and/or buttocks, are generally considered good candidates for mommy makeover. Women should wait at least six months after pregnancy to have these surgeries, as that time allows their bodies to heal. They should also be confident that they do not intend to give birth again, as a subsequent pregnancy will likely undo the work achieved from these surgeries.  

Mommy Makeover Benefits

Mommy makeover helps women to restore their pre-pregnancy bodies by adjusting the size and/or position of the breasts and shedding stubborn fat around the midsection that exercise could not address. As each mommy makeover is customized to the specific patient, it is your opportunity to make the precise improvements you have been longing for.  

Why Choose Us for Mommy Makeover?

Model for Mommy Makeover PageAny woman choosing to have multiple procedures performed at the same time should have the utmost faith in her surgeon. Dr. Ereso is one of the Bay Area’s most experienced and highly respected plastic surgeons, with patient reviews that support the quality of his work.

Preparation for Post-Pregnancy Body Contouring

Women should adopt a diet and exercise routine prior to undergoing mommy makeover to get as close as possible to their goal weight. The procedures included in mommy makeover work best at removing the last stubborn fat deposits that cling to your body after pregnancy rather than taking off copious amounts of weight.

Procedures Available for Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover is a combination of several popular procedures: liposuction, tummy tuck, breast augmentation and breast lift. Not all women will choose to have all of these procedures performed. During a consultation with Dr. Ereso, he will make appropriate recommendations based on your description of the changes you would like to see in your own body.

Mommy Makeover Recovery and Results

Obviously, the recovery process will depend on the procedures you choose to include in your mommy makeover. The surgeries will require strict rest and relaxation for about two weeks, and you should wait a full month before incorporating much exercise back into your routine.

The results of your procedures will gradually improve over time as the swelling subsides. Expect to wait at least a few months before seeing the full extent of the changes.

Risks and Safety Concerns of Mommy Makeover

All plastic surgery carries the risk of infection, which is why it is important to follow the aftercare instructions and wear the compression garments that Dr. Ereso provides. You will have appointments with Dr. Ereso as your recovery proceeds to ensure you have no complications.

Mommy Makeover Costs and Financing Options

The price of mommy makeover varies greatly from patient to patient, depending on the procedures you choose to include. During a consultation, Dr. Ereso will give you a full cost breakdown so that you can be fully informed in your decision. Financing options are available through CareCredit.

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