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Body Contouring in San Jose

Body contouring describes a set of procedures to target sagging skin, excess fat and loose tissues, creating a more beautiful body shape. Body contouring is both an art and science, and requires the meticulous techniques of a surgeon like Dr. Alexander Ereso. With his help, you can attain the attractive body contours and contours you deserve.

Body Contouring Candidacy

You may be a candidate for body contouring if you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, yet have not been able to change your shape through your lifestyle choices. Maybe you have excess skin after pregnancy or losing a significant amount of weight. This is very common and easily treatable with body contouring.

When evaluating you for body contouring, Dr. Ereso will ensure that you are in good general health, do not smoke (or can quit prior to surgery) and do not have any medical conditions that could increase the chance of complications during or after your procedure. For the best results, you should be prepared to maintain your healthy lifestyle; if you are looking for a “quick fix” or substitute for diet or exercise, Dr. Ereso may gently discourage you from undergoing surgery.

Benefits of Body Sculpting

Body contouring will eliminate pesky fat and reshape your “problem areas.” Certain procedures can remove loose skin and restore a firm quality to loose, saggy skin. With a slimmer shape and firmer skin, you should feel a boost of self-confidence.

What Areas Can Be Treated

Body contouring can treat virtually any area of the upper or lower body. The most commonly treated areas include the:

  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Back
  • Upper arms


Why Choose Dr. Ereso

Dr. Ereso has devoted his professional career to helping patients look their best using the safest technology and surgical practices. He will consider your unique needs and goals when formulating a treatment plan.

Types of Body Contouring Treatments


Recovery from Body Sculpting

Body contouring recovery varies by procedure and patient. Post-operative restrictions and instructions are also dependent on the chosen procedure and body area(s) treated.


As long as your surgeon has the necessary experience and qualifications and you follow his or her pre- and post-operative instructions, your risk of serious complications is low. Dr. Ereso can address specific safety concerns during your consultation.

Patient Reviews/Testimonials

“Doctor Ereso did an excellent job on my breast lift after my implant removal and tummy tuck with liposuction and abdominal muscle repair and I can’t believe how well I feel and it’s only been a little over a week since I had surgery! He makes you feel like family and explains everything to you before and after the surgery! His heart is so kind and I’m so glad I picked him as my surgeon! He is highly skilled and so personal with making you feel at ease! I would recommend him to anyone and I’m a happy gal! Don’t want to forget the excellent sweet staff who were awesome! Blessings.”

Body Contouring Costs/Financing

Body contouring costs depend on factors such as the chosen procedure and your final goals. In some cases, insurance may cover the cost of procedures deemed “medically necessary;” for instance, if excess skin is causing health problems, surgery to remove it may be partially or completely covered. Financing is also available through CareCredit.

Our surgical team is here to answer your questions about body contouring costs and financing options.

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