What to Do If You’ve Fallen Out of Love with Your Implants

Breast Implant Removal

Modern breast implants are designed to last for many years without problems. However, if you had breast augmentation a long time ago and you’ve fallen out of love with your implants, you aren’t obligated to live with them forever.

Perhaps your implants are causing problematic symptoms such as back, neck or shoulder pain. Maybe they have developed a rare complication such as capsular contracture, leaking or rippling. Or it could be that you no longer like the look of your implants. Maybe the size and shape you chose 10 years ago no longer serve your current lifestyle or personal taste.

Whatever the reason for wanting to “break up” with your implants, Dr. Alexander Ereso can help. In general, you have two options for how to proceed.

Remove Your Implants without Replacement

You may decide that you want to remove your implants without replacing them with a new pair. It is possible that your breast skin has stretched and sagged since having your implants placed. If that is the case, Dr. Ereso may recommend performing a breast lift at the time of your implant removal. After removing the implants, they can remove excess breast skin and tighten your natural breast tissue to leave you with a perky and youthful breast appearance (sans implants). Depending on your circumstances, they may also recommend re-sizing and relocating your nipple-areolar complex higher on your breast during the operation.

Revise the Shape or Size of Your Implants

Perhaps the size and shape of your breasts no longer suits your lifestyle or taste, but you do not want to return to your original breast size. You can have your implants removed and replaced with a new pair.

You may opt to “downsize” your implants, selecting a smaller size pair for a more modest breast size. Or you might do the opposite – elect to have larger implants placed for a more dramatic transformation.

Ultimately it is up to you and your surgeon to select new implants that are better aligned with the breast appearance you desire. Dr. Ereso can help guide you through the process of weighing your options and selecting the best fit for your goals. Depending on whether your breasts sag and the size of your new implants, the surgeons may recommend performing a lift, too.

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