Selecting Breast Implants that Look Natural

Not every breast augmentation patient desires oversized, obviously augmented breasts. Dr. Alexander Ereso meets many women that desire a modest boost in breast size and natural-looking results, and they can certainly help these candidates meet their goals.

In this post, the plastic surgeons walk prospective breast augmentation candidates through the process of selecting implants that look naturally beautiful.

Tip #1: Work with a Trusted Plastic Surgeon

The first step to selecting breast implants that look natural is to work with an experienced plastic surgeon – preferably, someone that performs hundreds of breast surgeries every year and has demonstrated results that align with what the patient finds appealing.

Spending some time looking at a breast surgeon’s gallery of patient images is a good way to determine whether the surgeon is able to produce natural-looking results, and consistently. Consistency is crucial!

Tip #2: Consider Existing Breast Dimensions and Skin Quality

A qualified breast augmentation surgeon carefully considers the candidate’s natural breast width, amount of native tissue, tissue quality and skin elasticity, in addition to her personal preferences. After taking detailed measurements of the patient’s breasts, chest and ribcage, the surgeon can recommend an implant size that is likely to deliver natural-looking results. Patients can then whittle down their choices to select the most suitable option.

Discounting the patient’s measurements and placing an implant that is wider than the patient’s natural breast diameter or too large for the overall skin covering is a surefire way to achieve unnatural-looking results.

Tip #3: Think about Look and Feel

The feel of the implant is nearly as important as how it looks. Patients should ask their surgeons to touch and hold each type of implant, noting the differences between different types. Although most patients agree that silicone implants feel more similar to natural breast tissue than saline, this decision hinges on personal preference.

Tip #4: Use Digital Imaging Technology

Nowadays, many plastic surgeons offer digital imaging technology to help patients visualize and compare the end results. Crisalix, one of the most popular 3D imaging platforms available to patients is being used at Pearl-Ereso Plastic Surgery Center. Our surgeons take photographs of your natural breasts and digitally manipulate them to simulate how different size implants would look on you. Using the Crisalix platform, you can “try on” different sizes in the comfort of our office. Being able to see and discuss your “before” and “after” photo using implants of different sizes and shapes before the surgery will dramatically improve your confidence in knowing what size and shape works best for you.

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