Reshape Your Profile With a Chin Procedure

Chin Augmentation in Mountain View

A chin is like background music: We often don’t notice it at all unless it’s very loud or too faint in its projection. At either extreme, it seems out of place.

Some of us learn to coexist with chins that love or shrink from the limelight. From one perspective, these are chins with character, an integral part of our facial composition and a key to our unique identity. But when we are instead uncomfortable with the size and angle of the chin, plastic surgery offers effective solutions. Below, experienced Bay Area plastic surgeons Dr. Alexander Ereso discusses ways to add harmony to your facial profile with a well-proportioned jawline accented by a well-suited chin. 

Leading With Implants

The most popular chin procedure involves use of an implant. Genioplasty implants are typically made of silicone or a composite material, and can be surgically inserted either through an incision under the chin or one made inside the lower lip. The latter technique hides the scar, but also will require a diet of soft foods during healing. Some implants are attached to the bone, while others are precisely fitted so that they will be firmly held in place by facial muscles and skin.

A related technique uses your own bone as the “implant.” In this so-called sliding genioplasty, part of the jawbone is cut and moved forward to erase a weak chin, or moved back to reduce the prominence of a projecting chin. The bone is locked into place with titanium screws.

Convenient Fillers

Implants offer immediate, permanent results. The procedure can often be done within an hour, and does not always require general anesthesia. But for patients who prefer a less invasive approach, fillers are a popular choice.

Just as there are a variety of implants, there are several types of dermal fillers available. Most are hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite preparations, and have product names like Juvéderm Voluma and Radiesse. The fillers last between one and two years, and the results are more subtle than an implant. The process is also simpler, with no time lost to healing and a topical anesthetic as the preferred pain management option.

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