Is It Possible to Get a Hernia from a Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation?

Breast surgeries are among the most common cosmetic surgeries, and they also have a very high patient satisfaction rate. Many women seek to improve the appearance of their breasts with a breast lift and/or a breast augmentation. Some of these women feel that their breasts are not sufficient in size, while others have lost breast volume due to aging or pregnancy.

As with all surgeries, there are some risks associated with these procedures, so it’s best to go over these in your consultation with your board certified plastic surgeon. In this blog post, Dr. Alexander Ereso of the Pearl-Ereso Plastic Surgery Center discusses whether it’s possible to get a hernia from either a breast lift or breast augmentation.

Breast Lift

For most women, the unfortunate truth is that sagging breasts are eventually a part of life. Women who have pendulous breasts and adequate breast tissue and/or who have nipples and areolas pointing downward are typically good candidates for breast lift. Dr. Ereso most commonly uses the vertical technique, during which excess breast skin is removed and the remaining breast tissue is shaped. The nipple and areola are also shifted to a higher position, and the latter can also be reduced in size if so desired. Liposuction is used in certain cases to improve the contour. The breast lift can be done on its own or paired with breast augmentation with breast implants.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is not only performed on those who have had changes to the breast from pregnancy or aging, but can also be used to improve a woman’s natural body proportions. Dr. Ereso enlists a variety of incision types depending on the patient’s anatomy. After the incision is made, a soft, natural-shaped breast implant is placed behind the breast tissue and often behind the chest muscles. This is done to help the patient achieve her ideal shape and size.

The Risk of a Hernia with Breast Surgeries

Some women who have had breast augmentation surgery have reported that they have felt as though the implants have shifted. After breast augmentation, your breasts may appear to sit too high on your chest, as it takes about three months for implants to settle or drop in most patients. Some may mistakenly assume that they have a hernia due to this shifting feeling and, although an epigastric hernia is possible, the risk is extremely low. The risk for a hernia with a breast lift is also extremely low. There is a chance of implant rupture with breast augmentation, but this is rare and can be discussed with Dr. Ereso. Many women decide that the ensuing boost in self-esteem is worth the risks associated with breast surgeries.

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