Popular Male Plastic Surgical Procedures

Male Plastic Surgery in Mountain View

It’s easy to believe that today’s “selfie culture” is a recent phenomenon. In reality, image has always been important, with roots that go far deeper than the Me Decade or the legendary self-regard of the Baby Boomers. After all, it was Aristotle who wrote: “The soul never thinks without a picture.”

After several millennia, the importance of enhancing image has dawned on American males, who in recent years have warmed to the idea of adding zest, vitality and confidence to their life and look through innovative plastic surgery procedures. Below, experienced Bay Area plastic surgeons Dr. Alexander Ereso discusses possibilities and trends in plastic surgery for men.

Male Cosmetic Procedures Offered

Plastic Surgery Procedures

Recent data indicate the top male procedures are liposuction, male breast reduction (gynecomastia), eyelid lift (blepharoplasty), nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), facelift and brow lift. Even more traditional female procedures such as tummy tuck are being performed with increasing regularity on men. Although male patients still account for roughly 10 percent of all plastic surgery procedures, the male share exceeds that percentage in certain categories, such as tattoo removal, chin augmentation and reshaping of the ears and nose.

Non-Surgical Procedures

It’s not just surgical procedures that are attracting men. Injections of neuromodulator-type medications including Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin that smooth deep facial folds and wrinkles remain popular with men and women alike. And men are especially receptive to the dramatic results that can be achieved with minimally-invasive dermal fillers.

Fillers such as Juvéderm Volbella, Juvéderm XC, Juvéderm Vollure, Juvéderm Voluma XC, Juvéderm Ultra, Radiesse Volumizing Filler, Sculptra and Restylane build facial volume, smoothen fine lines, improve deep wrinkles, soften contours and add symmetry to any complexion. Dermal fillers often require a single injection, administered during a convenient office visit, and are effective for six months to a year, or longer.

Why Men Choose Cosmetic Surgery

For most men, the reasons for seeking cosmetic solutions are not frivolous, but based on real-world calculations. For men in business, a youthful look can mean staying competitive with younger colleagues. In this group, facelift and eyelid surgery are common procedures. In addition, chin augmentation can add a look of strength to the jawline, while brow lifts refresh the overall facial appearance.

Men who choose plastic surgery also seek to improve their odds in social situations. They may be returning to the dating scene after years in a relationship, or perhaps imagine the fun they’ll have turning up at the next class reunion with a look that makes that old yearbook photo seem recognizable. Eliminating dark circles under the eyes, and replacing a flabby profile with a more masculine appearance, can pay tremendous social and professional dividends.

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