How to Prepare for Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

Your plastic surgery consultation is valuable to both you and your potential plastic surgeon. During your consultation you will evaluate your comfort level with your surgeon, and your surgeon will explain whether your desired procedure is a good fit for your cosmetic goals.

Preparation is important to get the most out of your consultation. In this post, Dr. Alexander Ereso discusses how to prepare for your plastic surgery consultation.

What to Bring

You’ll be sharing a lot of information with your plastic surgeon, so you’ll need some materials to reference throughout your consultation. You can make things easier on yourself by bringing a file or folder that has the following information:

  • A list of questions for your surgeon
  • Your medical history and current medical conditions
  • A list of medications or supplements you currently take
  • A notepad and pen
  • An explanation of what you want from your procedure
  • Photos that illustrate results that you like or don’t like

It will take a while to gather all of this information, but you’ll feel more confident and relaxed that you have everything you need to share with your doctor.

If you are consulting about a body or breast procedure, make you sure you are prepared to undress and be physically examined by the doctor.

What to Leave With

After you’ve shared all of your information with your plastic surgeon, it’s time to listen. The surgeon may recommend a different type of procedure or have questions about whether you are a good candidate for a procedure. Take notes that you can refer back to later when comparing surgeons.

Financing is another important consideration. Make sure you have accurate information about the timing of payments and what types of payment methods you can use.

Lastly, be sure to note how the plastic surgeon and staff make you feel. Friendliness and attentive listening are important to a plastic surgery practice and may end up being the reason you decide to choose a particular surgeon.

Once you’ve met with a plastic surgeon and have all the facts you need, you can compare them to any other doctors you’ve met with and make a final decision.

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