How Long Do the Results of Facelift Last?

Facelift is one of the most popular procedures Dr. Alexander Ereso performs at Pearl-Ereso Plastic Surgery Center. The procedure has the ability to turn back the clock and help you look as youthful and vibrant as you feel on the inside. If you are contemplating having a facelift, you may be curious how long the results generally last. Read on for the answer.

Factors that Affect the Results of Facelift

There are several factors that influence how long your results last:

  • The resilience of your skin: The firmness and elasticity of your skin directly correlate to the quality and longevity of your surgical results. For long-lasting results, you should ideally have relatively resilient skin at the time of surgery.
  • The scope of the treatment plan: Facelift procedures that only lift and tighten your skin without addressing the deeper layers of tissue and muscle will not provide results that last as long as procedures that lift and tighten your skin and the underlying musculature.
  • Genetics: Some people simply age more quickly than others.
  • Lifestyle and environmental factors: Unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking, unnecessary and prolonged exposure to the sun, and eating poorly can accelerate the aging process and cause your facelift results to fade quicker.

On average, you can expect that your facelift results will last about seven to 10 years. However, keep in mind that even as the effects of surgery start to fade, you will always look younger than you would if you didn’t have facelift.

How to Enjoy Your Facelift Results as Long as Possible

When it comes to making your facelift results last longer, we have some simple do’s and don’ts:

Do find a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your facelift. Their skills and experience can help you enjoy long-lasting results.

Do follow all of your surgeon’s post-operative instructions and attend all follow-up appointments. These guidelines are imperative to great results.

Do maintain a healthy weight. Fluctuating in weight after surgery can have a negative effect on your skin’s elasticity and your facial contours.

Do stay hydrated, which will keep your skin looking luminous and healthy.

Do inquire about complementary or “maintenance” procedures. Treatment with Botox or fillers can help enhance and prolong the results of facelift surgery.

Don’t smoke or drink excessively. Smoking can age your skin, and drinking can rob it of its firm, supple quality.

Don’t get too much sun. Overexposure to the sun can diminish your facelift results. Wear sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat when going outdoors. Never tan in a tanning bed.

Contact Our Bay Area Facelift Surgeons

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