Get Kissably Soft, Full Lips for Valentine’s Day

Chin Augmentation in Mountain View

You can make your lips look irresistible on Valentine’s Day using dermal filler injections or lip augmentation. Each procedure has its pros and cons, but both can give you fuller, shapelier lips that should attract plenty of attention.

In this post, Dr. Alexander Ereso discusses how to get kissably soft, full lips for Valentine’s Day.

Dermal Filler Injections

Lip injections are very popular due to their fast-acting and customizable results. If you need a quick boost to your volume or shape, lip fillers are an excellent choice.

Treatments are short and results will be visible right away. There may be some minor bruising or swelling, but you won’t need much downtime compared to other cosmetic procedures.

An experienced injector can also adjust the amount of filler to achieve your desired shape and fullness. However, this can also be a downside to the procedure if you use a less-skilled practitioner, because you may not get your desired results.

The other major drawback of lip fillers is that they are temporary. You’ll generally need to visit your injector every 8 to 12 months to maintain your results.

Lip Augmentation

If you are ready for a permanent lip enhancement, you may want to consider a lip augmentation procedure. Small implants are placed through tiny incisions to give your lips a lasting increase in volume.

The major benefit of lip augmentation is that you don’t need to repeatedly visit your plastic surgeon to maintain your results. This procedure also has minimal downtime, although it typically requires more recovery than a lip filler treatment.

Lip augmentation requires skill and artistic ability to get results that look noticeable but natural. Ask your plastic surgeon for before-and-after photos to get an idea of the results you can expect.

This procedure is permanent, so if you no longer want your lip implants, you’ll need a second procedure to remove them.

Fat Grafting

If you are interested in a longer lasting solution compared to dermal fillers, structural fat grafting may be a more suitable method of lip enhancement. Utilizing fat taken from your own body, the fat is processed and then reinjected into your lips to provide soft, voluminous lips that feel and look just as natural. The procedure does entail taking the fat thru liposuction and there can be some downtime associated with recovery as well as a recovery period until you obtain your final results. Furthermore, fat grafting of the lips is typically performed in conjunction with revolumizing other areas of the face that may have deflated or atrophied over time.

Discuss Your Lip Enhancement Options

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