Eliminating the Stubborn “Bra Bulge” and Back Fat

Removing the Bra Bulge and Back Fat at Pearl-Ereso Plastic Surgery

Nearly everyone has an area of fat that simply will not respond to diet or exercise efforts. For some women, it is a noticeable “bra bulge,” or unwanted fat between the armpit and bra. The bra bulge may be especially embarrassing when wearing sleeveless or strapless tops, dresses or bathing suits.

This is a particularly obscure area of the body to spot-tone, and most women find it nearly impossible to diet or exercise the fat away.

Luckily with the help of the team at Pearl-Ereso Plastic Surgery Center, bra bulge can be a distant memory.

Battling Bra Bulge

Unfortunately, fat does not always respond in the ways we want it to. You might be at or very close to your goal weight and still have bulges of fat located around the armpits; along the upper back, right above the bra strap; or on the sides of the torso. Depending on how well your bra fits you, the shoulder and back straps may dig into your skin, creating undesirable bulges and lumps.

If you cannot seem to achieve the smooth, sleek contours you desire, Dr. Alexander Ereso can help. The most tried and true method to eliminate bra bulge and back fat is through liposuction.

During the liposuction procedure, tiny, inconspicuous incisions are used to target the area of unwanted fat. Dr. Ereso moves a thin, hollow tube called a cannula back and forth to break up fat; then, using gentle suction, he removes the fat from the body. The result is a flatter and smoother contour in the treated area, free of unattractive bulges or rolls.

Something to consider about liposuction is that it is only designed to treat unwanted fat. If there is excessive skin on the flanks and back creating rolls or bulges, liposuction will not be as helpful. Other body contouring modalities will need to be used to contour the area. In this situation, ultrasonic liposuction may be helpful. Dr. Ereso recently upgraded to the newest and latest VASER ultrasonic lipoplasty device on the market. Combined with traditional lipoplasty, the addition of ultrasonic technology allows increased contraction of the skin in those individuals where the “bra bulge” may be also caused by excessive and loose skin.

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You deserve to look great and feel completely comfortable in your own skin. If bra bulge or back fat is holding you back from being confident, Dr. Ereso can help.

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