Do’s and Don’ts After Tummy Tuck Surgery

Your post-op recovery care plays an important role in the success and beauty of your tummy tuck results. At Pearl – Ereso Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Alexander Ereso has helped countless men and women achieve a flatter, more toned abdomen through tummy tuck surgery. Here, they share some do’s and don’ts to follow after tummy tuck surgery.

Don’t Skip Follow-Up Appointments

After your surgery, your plastic surgeon will schedule several follow-up appointments with you. This is to check up on your recovery process and ensure your body is healing properly. It is important to meet with your plastic surgeon as directed. Based on your healing progress, your surgeon may recommend more recovery time or prescribe medications to help with swelling and soreness.

Do Ask Questions

If you feel any pain or discomfort during your recovery, don’t hesitate to bring it up during your follow-up appointment. If you have questions after office hours, a member of our medical team is always available to speak to you.

Don’t Rush the Recovery Process

It is normal to want to show off your new and improved slim physique as soon as possible. But the truth is, it may take four to six weeks for your body to heal and the final results of your tummy tuck procedure to show. Getting plenty of rest allows your body to heal faster. Remember, it is not safe to return to work or your normal routine until you get clearance from your plastic surgeon.

Do Your Recovery Shopping Ahead of Time

Shopping for necessary items before your surgery can make the recovery process much easier and more comfortable.  Avoid last-minute trips to the grocery store by planning your meals ahead of time. Have cold compresses and heating pads available to help with soreness and swelling.

Don’t Smoke and Avoid Tobacco Containing Products

Not only does smoking increase the risk of complications during surgery, it can also compromise your results and recovery. The nicotine contained in cigarettes as well as cigarette cessation products prevents the tummy tuck incision scars from healing properly. It is important to discuss this with Dr. Ereso before your surgery so that your optimal result can be achieved.

Do Follow Prescription Medicine Instructions

To help with pain and soreness during your recovery, your plastic surgeon may prescribe medication. It’s important to take your prescription medication as directed. It is also important to avoid taking any over-the-counter medicine without consulting your plastic surgeon first, as some anti-inflammatory medications can increase the risk of bleeding. Moreover, it is wise to fill your prescriptions before your procedure so they are available to you right after surgery.

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