Clearing Up Myths about Botox and Fillers

Botox & fillers in the Bay Area

There is a lot of misinformation and many myths surrounding Botox and facial fillers. Contrary to what you may read on the Internet, Botox and fillers are a safe, effective way to soften facial lines and replenish lost facial volume. These non-surgical cosmetic treatments are incredibly useful for restoring a rejuvenated, youthful appearance.

Dr. Ereso is one of the Bay Area’s top board-certified plastic surgeons. Below they discuss the details of treatment with Botox and facial fillers, as well as the many myths surrounding these minimally invasive treatments.

How Do They Work?

With Botox, the surgeon injects a specially-prepared solution of botulinum toxin into the muscles of the face. The toxin blocks nerve impulses to a few important facial muscles, causing those muscles to relax and reduce lines. The skin needs muscles to contract in order to wrinkle: Botox reduces the extent to which those muscles contract.

Facial fillers like Restylane and Juvederm work by treating the small depressions, pockets, and hollows that naturally exist throughout your face. Whereas Botox stops the underlying muscle from contracting, facial fillers physically add volume and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Myth #1: They Hurt

We’ll start off with a two-parter. When people say Botox (or facial fillers) hurt, they may refer to two things: pain from the injections themselves and pain from the effects of the treatment.

Thankfully, both are total myths.

The needles used in the Botox and filler injections are incredibly small. Discomfort is mild and can be reduced and we offer the use of a topical anesthetic cream. Once the anesthetic has worn off, you will likely feel similar to how your felt before the injection. There is no long-term pain or discomfort that comes from properly-applied Botox.

Myth #2: A Frozen Face

All Botox does is temporarily reduce the ability of a few specific facial muscles to contract. When administered by a qualified provider, Botox is no more likely to result in a “frozen face” than eating ice cream. The only face you’ll experience is one with fewer wrinkles and smoother lines!

Myth #3: Only for Women

Facial lines and wrinkles respond treatment with Botox and facial fillers whether you’re a man or woman. In fact, men account for approximately 10% of Botox injections. Lines are lines and wrinkles are wrinkles: Botox is for everybody!

Myth #4: Botox is Poisonous

The botulinum toxin is a toxin, but so is “yellow #5” , a yellow food coloring you’ve probably eaten a dozen times in the past few days. When injected in tiny doses into incredibly small muscles, Botox is completely harmless. In fact, you’d need something in excess of 500 Botox injections delivered directly into an artery – at one time – to cause any harm.

Botox and Facial Fillers: Schedule a Consultation Today

If you’re looking for answers to more common Botox myths, contact the office of Dr. Ereso today. Feel free to schedule a consultation and see what the Bay Area’s premier plastic surgeons think is the best procedure for you. Whether it’s Botox, a dermal or facial filler, or a different procedure, Dr. Ereso eagerly awaits the opportunity to help you bring your dream appearance to life.