Reshape Your Profile With a Chin Procedure

Chin Augmentation in Mountain View

A chin is like background music: We often don’t notice it at all unless it’s very loud or too faint in its projection. At either extreme, it seems out of place.

Some of us learn to coexist with chins that love or shrink from the limelight. From one perspective, these are chins with character, an integral part of our facial composition and a key to our unique identity. But when we are instead uncomfortable with the size and angle of the chin, plastic surgery offers effective solutions. Below, experienced Bay Area plastic surgeons Dr. Alexander Ereso discusses ways to add harmony to your facial profile with a well-proportioned jawline accented by a well-suited chin. Continue reading “Reshape Your Profile With a Chin Procedure”

What to Do about a Small or Recessed Chin

A strong, defined chin is an attractive facial feature. It balances out the nose and creates a beautiful profile. Ideally, the chin should align vertically through the philtrum, which is the junction between the nose and upper lip. Unfortunately due to genetics, not everyone is born with a strong and well-defined chin.

If you have a weak or recessed chin that you feel doesn’t match who you are on the inside, cosmetic surgery can help. Read on as Dr. Alexander Eresoexplain how they can improve the look of a small or recessed chin. Continue reading “What to Do about a Small or Recessed Chin”