Why Choose Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Breast Implant Removal in Mountain View, CA

There are many options available to women who seek breast revision, and just as many reasons why they choose this type of surgery. Sometimes it’s a matter of preference: A breast augmentation patient may not like the look or feel of implants, or the goals she was hoping to achieve may not have been met. In other cases the initial surgery may have been disappointing, or resulted in serious side effects. Continue reading “Why Choose Breast Implant Revision Surgery”

What to Do If You’ve Fallen Out of Love with Your Implants

Breast Implant Removal

Modern breast implants are designed to last for many years without problems. However, if you had breast augmentation a long time ago and you’ve fallen out of love with your implants, you aren’t obligated to live with them forever.

Perhaps your implants are causing problematic symptoms such as back, neck or shoulder pain. Maybe they have developed a rare complication such as capsular contracture, leaking or rippling. Or it could be that you no longer like the look of your implants. Maybe the size and shape you chose 10 years ago no longer serve your current lifestyle or personal taste.

Whatever the reason for wanting to “break up” with your implants, Dr. Alexander Ereso can help. In general, you have two options for how to proceed. Continue reading “What to Do If You’ve Fallen Out of Love with Your Implants”

Signs You Are a Candidate for Breast Revision

Breast revision, also referred to as breast implant replacement, is sometimes required to remove and replace implants that have developed a problem, or to contour breasts as the body changes with age. If you wish to correct complications that arose from your primary augmentation, or if you simply want to change the size of your implants, you may be considering breast revision. In this blog post, Dr. Alexander Ereso discusses what makes someone a good candidate for breast revision.

Why Do Women Have Breast Revision?

There are several reasons for considering breast revision. Here are some of the most common:

  • Your saline or silicone implants have developed a leak, rupture or other complication.
  • You want to change the size/shape of your breasts. Your breast tissue has changed due to a dramatic change in weight, pregnancy, nursing or the effects of gravity.

What Makes a Good Candidate?

Even the best breast augmentation results can develop a complication over time. Many women experience breast changes after pregnancy and breastfeeding that they wish to correct with breast revision. Others wish to increase or decrease breast size or to fix an asymmetrical shape. If you are dissatisfied with the results of a previous procedure, revision can help contour your body to the shape you desire. If you are a healthy, nonsmoking adult, you may be a good candidate for the procedure. If you think your body could benefit from having a breast revision, give the Pearl–Ereso Plastic Surgery Center a call.

What Happens During the Procedure?

The details of your procedure depend on the type of revision you seek, but will most likely be an outpatient procedure with a relatively short recovery time. In most cases, the same incision used to insert your original implants can be used during revision. This will minimize scarring and help your breasts maintain a natural appearance. If your breasts have undergone a drastic change in size, your plastic surgeon may also recommend a breast lift with your revision surgery. Breast lift may require additional incisions and leave additional scars, but they can be easily hidden under a bathing suit or bra.

Breast revision surgery can be an invaluable asset for women who are no longer happy with their original implants. To schedule an informational consultation with Dr. Ereso, please contact the Pearl-Ereso Plastic Surgery Center at (650) 964-6600.