Breast Lift: Projection, Proportion and Profile

Breast lift surgery in Mountain View

Breast lift performed by skilled Bay Area plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Ereso reverses sagging and restores a youthful profile by elevating the breasts on the chest.

The procedure can also help restore symmetry, when ligaments have relaxed to a greater extent in one breast compared to the other, and return low or downward-pointing nipples to a natural position. Below, Dr. Ereso discusses the geometry of breast lift, a procedure that refines proportions, highlights contours and sharpens the angles of projection. Continue reading “Breast Lift: Projection, Proportion and Profile”

Breast Lift Recovery Tips

Breast lift Recovery Tips in Mountain View

In a breast lift procedure, a plastic surgeon reshapes the breasts – enlargement or reduction is not the primary goal. A lift can reverse the sagging that may have appeared as a result of age, pregnancy or changes in weight.

The technique can also help restore symmetry, when ligaments have relaxed to a greater extent in one breast compared with the other. And a surgical lift can return nipples to a natural position and appearance.

Recovery from a breast lift involves many of the steps that are involved in any substantial surgical procedure, along with some unique aspects. Here, Dr. Alexander Ereso offers advice to ensure the recovery period is as comfortable as possible. Continue reading “Breast Lift Recovery Tips”

Common Post-Pregnancy Body Changes and How to Treat Them

Motherhood profoundly changes a woman’s life – and body. Carrying, delivering and nursing babies can lead to changes that no amount of diet or exercise can fix. Some women are discouraged by these changes and turn to plastic surgeon Dr. Alexander Ereso for help.

Read on as Dr. Ereso discusses some of the most common changes after pregnancy and explain how they can help. Continue reading “Common Post-Pregnancy Body Changes and How to Treat Them”

Say Goodbye to Sagging Breasts with Breast Lift

Sagging breasts & breast lifts in the Bay AreaSagging breasts are the natural result of many different life events and health conditions. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, genetics, and aging may all cause breasts to sag.

Fortunately, a surgical procedure called breast lift, or mastopexy can return your breasts to a youthful, perky position. This surgery can also change areola size and, when needed, improve the contours of the breasts.

Here Dr. Ereso of Pearl-Ereso Plastic Surgery Center explains how a breast lift can help you achieve the breasts of your dreams. Continue reading “Say Goodbye to Sagging Breasts with Breast Lift”

Can I Get a Breast Lift without Implants?

Dr. Alexander Ereso frequently receives from breast lift candidates is, “Can I have breast lift without implants?” Because this comes up so often in consultation, the plastic surgeons thought it would be helpful to address it in a blog post. Read on as Dr. Ereso reveals the honest truth about breast lift without implants.

Breast Lift vs. Augmentation-Mastopexy

Breast lift (mastopexy) without implants can deliver beautiful, natural-looking results. The procedure is designed to reverse sagging caused by aging, gravity, weight loss and nursing, and restore the breasts to their former glory. During the mastopexy procedure, excess skin is removed, the nipple is repositioned higher on the breast mound and the areola can be reduced in size if desired. This creates a perkier breast shape and contour – but it doesn’t significantly alter the volume of the breasts.

On the other hand, combination breast lift with implants (a.k.a., augmentation-mastopexy) simultaneously creates a perkier breast shape and boosts the volume of the breasts. Incorporating implants into the lift procedure increases the size and fullness of the breasts, particularly in the upper breast area to create more cleavage. The result is similar to what you see when wearing a push-up bra.

What Procedure Is Right for Me?

The procedure that is best for you depends on your unique anatomy and what you hope to achieve from surgery.

The best way to determine whether you need breast lift with or without implants is to ask yourself, are you happy with your breast size? If you are satisfied with the size of your bust, but bothered by the sagging that occurs when you take off your bra, breast lift without implants is probably ideal for you.

On the other hand, if you are unhappy with the size of your bust and breast sagging, and you desire more cleavage, you are probably a better candidate for breast lift with implants.

Consult with Our Trusted Breast Surgeons

Whether you opt for breast lift without implants or a combination augmentation-mastopexy, Dr. Ereso can help you love the way your breasts look. Although Pearl-Ereso Plastic Surgery Center is based in Mountain View, California, patients travel from all over to seek out our surgeons’ expertise in breast surgery.

To sit down with the board-certified plastic surgeons and discuss your options, please contact Pearl-Ereso Plastic Surgery Center and request a consultation. Call or email us today.

Treating Breasts that Are Different Sizes

No two breasts are exactly alike. Most women notice that when they look close enough, one breast appears bigger than the other. Unfortunately for some, this asymmetry is more pronounced (occasionally even considered a deformity) and can cause a woman to feel excessively self-conscious.

Padded bras may help balance out breasts that are two different sizes, but surgery is the only way to permanently fix the problem. Here, the team at Pearl-Ereso Plastic Surgery Center explains how breast surgery can correct this type of asymmetry to improve self-image and confidence.

Option #1: Reduce the Larger Breast

The first option to fix asymmetry is to make the larger breast smaller through breast reduction. An incision may be made around the areola, sometimes extended down to the crease underneath the breast and along the crease. Through the incision, breast tissue, fat and skin are removed so the breast size and shape matches the smaller side. Liposuction may also be used to help contour the breast. The nipple and areola may be shifted to a higher location, if needed, and the areola can be reduced in size. By utilizing techniques to reshape the skin envelope of the breast, the nipple can be lifted along with a reduction in the size of the breast.

Option #2: Enlarge the Smaller Breast

If the patient prefers the size of the larger breast, the smaller breast can be enhanced to match it. Dr. Ereso has two options to augment small breasts: through the placement of an implant or via fat transfer.

Implants come filled with saline or silicone and are available in a variety of many different shapes and sizes. The implants are typically placed through an incision either along the lower breast crease, around the lower edge of the areola or through the armpit. A pocket is created in the native breast tissue or under the muscle to hold the implant.

Alternatively, the breast may be enlarged through a procedure involving transfer of your own fat. Fat transfer is a two-step procedure. First, excess body fat is removed by performing liposuction. The fat is purified before being carefully injected into the breast to add shape and volume. This is done strategically so that the fat develops its own blood supply for long-term results.

If one breast droops significantly more than the other, breast lift techniques can be incorporated into either breast reduction or breast enhancement surgery.

Learn More about Correcting Breast Asymmetry

For more information about correcting breast asymmetry, please contact Pearl-Ereso Plastic Surgery Center and request a consultation. Call 650-964-6600 or email us today to make your appointment.

What Will My Breasts Look Like Immediately After Breast Lift?

Women seek out breast lift to correct sagging (ptosis) brought about by nursing, pregnancy, aging and other factors. Breast lift improves the overall shape of the breasts and restores their youthful position on the chest. At the Pearl-Ereso Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Alexander Ereso has the experience and knowledge to take you through the breast lift process step-by-step, including what your breasts will look like immediately after the procedure.

What Breast Lift Can Achieve

Breast lift, also known as mastopexy, raises the breasts, nipples and areolas higher on the chest. Breast lift alone does not add fullness to the breast, and for this reason, some women choose to combine breast lift with the placement of breast implants for bigger and perkier breasts. After breast lift alone, the breasts typically retain a natural teardrop shape, with more fullness on the bottom. If a patient desires to add fullness to the top of the breast or to create a rounder shape, implants are required.

Incisions and Appearance Right After Surgery

Your doctor will determine which surgical technique is best for you based on  how droopy the breasts are, along with other factors such as whether you are getting implants. Incisions vary, depending on the specific surgical approach. Some scarring will be present after the procedure, but the scars are easily hidden by a bathing suit or bra. Common types of incisions follow the shape of an inverted T, donut or lollipop.

Right after surgery, it is not unusual to have swelling and even some asymmetry between the breasts. Swelling can last six to eight weeks. Even after the swelling subsides, the breasts continue to settle into their final shape for up to a year after surgery.

If a patient also has implants placed during the breast lift, they may appear too high on the chest shortly after surgery, but will drop into a normal position over time.

Expect Improved Breast Appearance

Women who undergo breast lift surgery can look forward to achieving a more youthful and flattering appearance, and enjoying more confidence and satisfaction in life. Dr. Ereso looks forward to seeing you in the office for a breast lift consultation. To make an appointment, please call (650) 964-6690.

The Benefits of Combining Breast Lift with Implants

More often than not, women have more than one concern about their breasts. Some may feel their breasts are too small, or too saggy or shapeless following weight loss, pregnancy or aging. If more than one of these concerns sound familiar, it may be time to consider combining a breast lift with implants. These two procedures are increasingly being combined, and for good reasons. Read on to find out why more women are choosing breast lift with implants.

A Safe Procedure

When considering breast lift and implants, many women wonder if the two procedures be combined and performed safely. According to a study from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the simple answer is yes. Researchers found there was no increase in complications when combining breast lift with implants between 2005 and 2009. Patients at our Mountain View plastic surgery facility can rest assured they are in good hands with Dr. Ereso. New, advanced techniques are used to improve the breast shape and minimize scars, resulting in beautiful, natural-looking breasts.

Faster Results and Recovery

Many women undergo breast lift surgery only to realize they are not fully satisfied with the results. This is because while a breast lift raises the breast, nipple and areola to a higher position on the chest, the breast retains a natural teardrop shape, and there is more fullness on the bottom half than on the top. Implants can restore balance to the breast by making it rounder and more evenly shaped. Similarly, women who undergo breast augmentation surgery later decide to get a breast lift to perk up their heavier, fuller breasts. By combining the two procedures, you get the full results you desire faster, avoid multiple visits to your plastic surgeon’s office, and heal all at once.

An Improved Figure

Improving the shape and size of your breasts can do wonders to your overall body figure. During your one-on-one consultation, Dr. Ereso will discuss with you what size implants can best improve your body figure depending on your height and body frame. A breast lift further improves your figure by providing a beautiful, sexier shape.

A Boost in Self-Confidence

As we previously mentioned, many women have more than one concern about their breasts, meaning they have more than one reason to feel self-conscious. A combination procedure improves the shape, size and overall appearance of your breasts, giving you more than one reason to smile and feel good about yourself! Not only will your breasts be the size you’ve always dreamed of, they will also look younger and perkier.

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Having performed breast lift with implants on hundreds of patients, Dr. Ereso knows that no two procedures are the same. Before your surgery, the doctor will meet with you one-on-one to discuss your desired goals and plastic surgery options. To make an appointment, call our Mountain View office at (650) 964-6690.