How Can I Tell If I Need Implants With My Breast Lift?

Are you frustrated with sagging breasts, nipples that have migrated down the front of the breast, overly enlarged areolas (the darkly colored skin encircling the nipples) or deflated-looking breasts? If so, you might be a suitable candidate for breast lift surgery (with or without breast implants) with Dr. Alexander Ereso. Keep reading to find out how to determine whether you need breast implants included with your breast lift surgery.

Why Breast Lift Becomes Necessary

Over time, the body gradually stops generating elastin and collagen, proteins that are essential for elastic, young-looking skin. Without these proteins, the skin – including breast skin – loses its elastic quality and begins to sag. This contributes to the look of sagging breasts.

In addition, pregnancy and breastfeeding, major weight loss or simply the effect of gravity can compound this aesthetic concern. They can also cause additional cosmetic issues, including downward-pointing nipples, excessively large areolas, breasts that appear flattened or perhaps breasts that are smaller in size than they were prior to having children or losing a substantial amount of weight.

Fortunately, undergoing breast lift surgery, with or without breast implants, can help improve these aesthetic concerns.

Whether Implants Should Be Included in Breast Lift

If you are concerned with sagging breasts, southward-pointing nipples or overly large areolas, but are happy with the size of your breasts, breast lift alone should address your aesthetic concerns. With breast lift surgery, Dr. Ereso removes excess skin and reshapes the breast tissue mound while moving it to a higher, more youthful-looking position on the chest wall. He can also adjust the position of the nipples, so they are again in the center of the breasts and point forward instead of toward the ground. During breast lift surgery, Dr. Ereso will reduce the size of the areolas, if necessary, as well.

If you are frustrated by both breast ptosis (sagginess) and flattened or small breasts, Dr. Ereso can place breast implants while he performs breast lift surgery. Combination breast lift with implants will both lift the breasts and restore or enhance their volume, for a fuller, more voluptuous breast profile.

Visit Us for a Consultation

The best way to establish with certainty whether or not to include breast implants with your breast lift surgery is to visit Pearl – Ereso Plastic Surgery  for a consultation. During your personal consultation, Dr. Ereso evaluates your breast anatomy, listens to your aesthetic concerns and recommends an appropriate treatment plan to satisfy your unique needs.

To schedule a private consultation with Dr. Ereso and learn more about your cosmetic breast surgery treatment options, contact us by calling (659) 964-6600 today.

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