Breast Lift Recovery Tips

Breast lift Recovery Tips in Mountain View

In a breast lift procedure, a plastic surgeon reshapes the breasts – enlargement or reduction is not the primary goal. A lift can reverse the sagging that may have appeared as a result of age, pregnancy or changes in weight.

The technique can also help restore symmetry, when ligaments have relaxed to a greater extent in one breast compared with the other. And a surgical lift can return nipples to a natural position and appearance.

Recovery from a breast lift involves many of the steps that are involved in any substantial surgical procedure, along with some unique aspects. Here, Dr. Alexander Ereso offers advice to ensure the recovery period is as comfortable as possible.

Breast Lift Healing Process

After your procedure, you will arrive home wearing bandages and a surgical support bra, which may be holding in place small tubes to drain blood and other fluids that often pool near breast lift incisions. The tubes will stay in place for several days. After that, stitches are usually removed after one week. A bra will be worn for support as your breasts and incisions heal.

You can expect to experience the usual discomforts of surgical recovery, including pain, localized numbness, swelling and bruising. Your breasts may be swollen for up to four months. Prescribed medications can help with the pain, and topical applications may help promote healing that minimizes the formation of scars.

Limit Physical Stress After Breast Surgery

Following your doctor’s advice on physical activity is important. Avoid physical stress that taxes the muscles, ligaments and skin as they try to heal. Walking is an easily tolerated exercise that will reduce your risk of developing a blood clot. Walking and drinking plenty of fluids can also help reduce swelling of the breasts.

Your doctor will provide guidance on when to begin showering or resuming other routine activities. At night, you’ll want to avoid sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping on your back with pillows elevating your upper body is recommended.

Giving the Body Time to Heal

Give your body time to heal. Ask a family member or friend to help with preparing meals and other basic tasks. This will also have a wonderful effect on your mood, and even your perception of pain. Prolonged recovery can dampen the spirits of even the most optimistic person, so it’s important not to face this challenge alone. Healing happens so much faster in the company of those we cherish.

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