Best Facial Areas for Fat Transfer

Fat transfer procedure Mountain View, CA

Fat atrophy in the face is a universal part of the aging process. Nearly everyone loses fat and volume in their face as they age. Luckily, plastic surgeons have a few ways to add volume and fullness back to an aging face: namely, dermal fillers and fat grafting (fat transfer).

Fat transfer is popular because it is natural in both approach and appearance. By using your own unwanted fat taken from other areas of the body, Dr. Alexander Ereso can subtly address your aging concerns and leave you looking youthful and radiant.

The most popular facial areas to rejuvenate with your own fat include the following:

  • Hollow or sunken-in temples
  • Depressions or grooves underneath the eyes
  • Cheeks that have lost their youthful fullness
  • Flat or thin lips and the smile lines around the lips
  • Chin and jawline that have lost their youthful definition

How Fat Transfer Works

There are three components to the fat transfer process.

First, the unwanted fat is harvested from other areas of the body where it exists in surplus (e.g., the thighs or abdomen). Liposuction techniques are used to extract the fat.

Next, the fat is spun through a centrifuge to concentrate the fat cells, purified and prepared for re-injection.

Finally, the purified fat is injected into the facial areas to be treated. Once injected, the fat needs to develop its own blood supply to survive. This is the critical period in your recovery. Optimizing the survival of the injected fat cells ultimately leads to a better and more sustained result.

Perks of Fat Transfer over Dermal Fillers

As mentioned, many people prefer fat transfer over artificial dermal fillers because they provide soft and natural-looking results. There is no reason to worry about an allergic or adverse reaction. Also, as long as fat develops a blood supply, it can last indefinitely. Dermal fillers are re-absorbed by the body and require repeat injections to maintain the results.

Learn More about Facial Fat Transfer

If you are concerned about mild to moderate signs of facial aging, and are interested in rejuvenating your features with your own fat, fat transfer may be an ideal solution for you. Please call or email our practice to request a fat transfer consultation with us today.