Best Treatment Options for Jowls

Minimize the Appearance of Jowls

Jowls are a common sign of aging caused by several factors. The skin around the chin can become loose and saggy over time, creating droopy folds that obscure the jawline. The cheekbones can shrink and the fat around the cheeks can descend, pooling under the natural cheek area. All of these factors give the lower face a heavy and aged appearance.

If you’ve noticed jowls developing on your own face, you are probably interested in how to make them go away. Read on as the team at Pearl-Ereso Plastic Surgery Center explains the best treatment options for jowls. Continue reading “Best Treatment Options for Jowls”

How to Minimize Bruising and Swelling after Botox or Filler Treatment

Minimize Side Effects of Dermal Filler Injections

Injectable products, including Botox and fillers like Juvederm and Restylane, are some of the most popular cosmetic treatments available today. With a few injections, the products can soften facial wrinkles and creases or refine the facial contours without the time, money and effort required when undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery.

One downside of cosmetic injectables is that they can cause bruising or swelling after treatment. However, with a few simple techniques, you can reduce your chances of noticeable bruising and swelling after Botox or filler treatment. Continue reading “How to Minimize Bruising and Swelling after Botox or Filler Treatment”

What to Do If You’ve Fallen Out of Love with Your Implants

Breast Implant Removal

Modern breast implants are designed to last for many years without problems. However, if you had breast augmentation a long time ago and you’ve fallen out of love with your implants, you aren’t obligated to live with them forever.

Perhaps your implants are causing problematic symptoms such as back, neck or shoulder pain. Maybe they have developed a rare complication such as capsular contracture, leaking or rippling. Or it could be that you no longer like the look of your implants. Maybe the size and shape you chose 10 years ago no longer serve your current lifestyle or personal taste.

Whatever the reason for wanting to “break up” with your implants, Dr. Alexander Ereso can help. In general, you have two options for how to proceed. Continue reading “What to Do If You’ve Fallen Out of Love with Your Implants”

Questions Every Mommy Makeover Candidate Should Ask Her Surgeon

Mommy Makeover Surgeons

Having a mommy makeover is a fabulous way to reclaim your pre-baby body and enjoy greater self-confidence. But it is a serious endeavor and requires in-depth consultation with a trustworthy plastic surgeon. Asking your mommy makeover surgeon certain questions during your consultation can help provide clarity about the treatment and give you peace of mind as you weigh your options.

Here, Bay Area mommy makeover providers of Pearl-Ereso Plastic Surgery Center suggest questions to ask your surgeon that can provide useful insight into the procedure.

Is now the right time or stage in my life to pursue mommy makeover?

Timing is important, and your mommy makeover surgeon should explain whether now is the right time to pursue surgery or whether you would benefit from delaying your treatment. For example, if your weight is fluctuating, you are still nursing or you are planning to have more children in the future, the surgeon may suggest you postpone mommy makeover. It’s important that you be candid about factors such as whether you want to expand your family in a few years or whether you can commit to maintaining your results with diet and exercise for the most accurate recommendations.

What type of procedures do you recommend for my specific areas of concern?

Your mommy makeover will be completely customized to your specific areas of concern and overall goals of treatment. Describe what you would like to look like after treatment and ask your surgeon what combination of treatments he recommends to achieve those outcomes.

What will the recovery period be like?

Every recovery is different, but there is a general timeline that most patients follow. Depending on the type and number of procedures recommended for you, your plastic surgeon should be able to describe what to expect during recovery. They can give you an idea of how long you will need to take it easy, what post-operative symptoms are common and how long they typically persist.

When will I be able to see my results?

Your mommy makeover surgeon should explain how soon after surgery you can expect to see your initial results and when your results will stabilize.

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What to Bring to Your Breast Implant Consultation

If you’ve been interested in enlarging your breasts for a while now, and recently decided to book a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon, congratulations! The breast augmentation consultation is an exciting opportunity to discuss implant options and learn more about the procedure and aftercare. According to Bay Area breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Alexander Ereso, bringing a few key items can help your consultation go smoothly and make your experience more productive.

A List of Questions for the Surgeon

You might have a general idea of what you want to ask your surgeon, but take a few minutes before the consult to jot down specific questions. This can be especially helpful if you draw a blank during the appointment and can’t remember what you wanted to ask. If you need ideas of questions to ask your surgeon, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has a great list on their website.

A List of Medications and Allergies

During your consultation you will be asked about your health, medical history, previous surgeries, medications you take and allergies you have. Some women find it helpful to prepare a list of medications and allergies so they don’t forget anything. In your list of medications, be sure to include any vitamins or herbal supplements you take on a regular basis.

A Few Tops or Bras

You may have the opportunity to try on breast implant sizers or use the Crisalix digital imaging system to help narrow down your implant options. It’s a good idea to bring a few blouses, bras or even bathing suit tops to wear with the sizers or Crisalix system.

A Spouse, Family Member or Friend

Many women considering implants find it helpful to bring a significant other, family member or friend to the consultation for two reasons. Firstly, it is useful to have a second pair of ears to absorb all of the information that comes your way. Secondly, if you try on implant sizers during the consult, you might value a second opinion of someone that knows your taste and preferences. That being said, some women prefer privacy during the consult and opt not to bring anyone else. It’s up to you!

Your Calendar

At the end of the consultation, you may want to move forward and schedule your breast augmentation surgery. Have your calendar accessible so you can schedule your operation around any upcoming work, social or travel obligations.

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Common Questions about Gynecomastia

Common Gynecomastia Questions

Gynecomastia, or a swelling of the breast tissue in males, can be very difficult to cope with. Many men with excessively large, woman-like breasts feel self-conscious of their appearance and may withdraw from friends, work or the activities that they normally enjoy because of embarrassment or shame.

As trusted Bay Area gynecomastia surgeon, Dr. Alexander Ereso have helped a number of men enjoy a flatter, firmer chest and enhanced confidence. Below, our doctors answer the most commonly asked questions about gynecomastia and how we can help men affected by it.

What causes gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia can be caused by a variety of factors, including hormonal irregularities, certain medical conditions, the use of marijuana, use of certain medications (e.g., anti-androgens, AIDS medications, anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medications), excessive consumption of alcohol and the use of steroids. Doctors also believe there may be genetic factors to blame for some cases of gynecomastia.

Are there any symptoms of gynecomastia?

Besides a noticeable increase in breast size and fullness, some men with gynecomastia may experience breast tenderness or pain. Skin irritation, chafing and even infection can occur due to excess breast tissue and skin. Less commonly, there may be nipple discharge in one or both breasts.

Can gynecomastia be prevented?

Although there is no definite way to prevent gynecomastia, our gynecomastia surgeons recommend avoiding excessive alcohol consumption, avoiding steroids and illegal drugs and discussing any medications known to cause gynecomastia with a doctor.

How is gynecomastia treated?

There is no non-surgical way to treat gynecomastia or reduce oversized breasts with diet and exercise. Although fat responds to diet and exercise, glandular tissue does not. The only way to flatten an excessively large male chest is with male breast reduction surgery.

During the procedure, excess fat, glandular tissue and skin is removed. Oversized areolas can be reduced if necessary. The remaining skin is tightened over the chest to create a flatter and firmer contour.

Where are the surgical incisions created for male breast reduction?

The incisions for male breast reduction are created around the lower edge of the areola. This location makes the scar very inconspicuous.

Is liposuction used to treat gynecomastia?

Liposuction is usually incorporated into male breast reduction surgery if the patient has an excessive amount of fat. However, liposuction alone will not help someone with gynecomastia, as it cannot eliminate excess glandular tissue or skin.

Am I a good candidate for male breast reduction?

Suitable candidates for male breast reduction are physically and emotionally healthy and stable, with firm, elastic skin that can contract over the smaller breasts. Candidates are asked not to drink in excess, smoke marijuana or use steroid medications.

The best way to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for gynecomastia surgery is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ereso. Please call or email Pearl-Ereso Plastic Surgery Center today to make an appointment.

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Tummy Tuck Surgeon

As a tummy tuck candidate, you have a responsibility to yourself to do your homework about the procedure and your choice of surgeon, and come up with a list of questions to ask during your consultation. According to tummy tuck surgeon Alexander Ereso, some of the essential questions to ask your surgeon include the following: Continue reading “Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Tummy Tuck Surgeon”

Correcting Breast Asymmetry with Surgery

No woman’s breasts are identical. In many cases, the differences in size or shape are hardly noticeable. However, to some women the asymmetry is not only noticeable but upsetting. If you have uneven breasts, you may feel extremely self-conscious to the point where you don’t like going out in public or wearing certain styles of clothing because of the asymmetry.

Breast asymmetry can be corrected with the help of a trusted, experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Alexander Ereso. Read on as the plastic surgeons discuss how they commonly fix breast asymmetry. Continue reading “Correcting Breast Asymmetry with Surgery”