Anti-Aging Lip Treatment Options in Mountain View

Lip Augmentation options in Mountain View, CA

“For attractive lips, speak words of kindness,” Audrey Hepburn once advised.

When the effects of aging begin to overwhelm tender words, it may be time to call Dr. Ereso, a skilled Bay Area plastic surgeon. Using the most advanced techniques, he can restore beauty and fullness to lips that have spoken words of love, whispered confidences, sung in celebration, and shared cherished thoughts with family and friends over so many years.

Depending on genetics, environment and lifestyle, the passage of time can make our lips thinner and reduce the amount of collagen, the structural protein that gives facial features the full, smooth, healthy appearance of youth.

Dermal fillers are the most popular antidote for these changes. Although such injected fillers are not permanent, the process is quick and easy. Furthermore, the effects can be reversed should you end of changing your mind.

Lip Injection Options

There are two groups of professionals that tend to mention time and gravity in the same breath: students of Einstein’s theories – and plastic surgeons.

Experienced plastic surgeons like Dr. Ereso know that as time reduces volume and suppleness in your complexion, gravity is incessantly pulling every relaxed muscle and skin flap downward. That is why your lips may need a comprehensive approach to counter every natural force that seeks to add years to your appearance.

For example, while fillers increase the volume of the lips and even smooth out fine lines on the surface of your lips, adjacent wrinkles are most effectively treated by injecting Botox along the lip line. This relaxes muscles that may be creating creases near the mouth.

Permanent Lip Augmentation Options

All commonly used lip fillers are temporary, lasting from six months to a year. More permanent surgical options do exist, such as a procedure in which a small amount of fat is removed from the abdomen or another part of the body using a liposuction procedure, and injected into the lips as a natural filler.

Some patients who want a more dramatic boost to lip volume choose implants. The custom implant is made of silicone or a similarly flexible material, and surgically inserted into the lips through tiny incisions that leave no noticeable scars.

How to Choose the Right Doctor

The key to success for each of these options is the skill of your doctor. Fillers require a talented plastic surgeon to achieve optimal results, one with the experience to inject the right amount in exactly the right place to bring balance and fullness to your lips. Fat injection needs to be done right the first time, as mistakes can be difficult to reverse. And implants require a more invasive procedure, one that needs to be performed by a trusted surgeon with an extraordinary record of success.

Make the right choice by calling Dr. Alexander Ereso at (650) 964-6600, or email his office today.