How Skin Elasticity Affects Lipo Results

Because liposuction is intended to treat unwanted body fat, many candidates are unaware that the quality and tone of their skin matters a great deal. The ideal candidate for liposuction has firm, plump and elastic skin; patients with loose or saggy skin usually do not see the same great results.

Below, Dr. Alexander Ereso explains why skin elasticity is so important to achieving excellent outcomes. Continue reading “How Skin Elasticity Affects Lipo Results”

Commonly Asked Questions about Breast Reduction


Breast reduction has the potential to change a woman’s life. By reducing oversized, heavy breasts, the surgery can improve appearance, personal comfort and self-confidence. To help educate women interested in breast reduction, Dr. Alexander Ereso answers commonly asked questions about the procedure below. Continue reading “Commonly Asked Questions about Breast Reduction”