Why Fall/Winter Are Good Times to Have Plastic Surgery

Perhaps you have been considering plastic surgery for a while now, but you haven’t been able to find the time to pull the trigger. While most cosmetic plastic surgeries are relatively quick outpatient procedures, it can take several weeks for the post-operative side effects to disappear and to feel “normal” again. Figuring out how and when to schedule time to recover can be tricky. In this article, Dr. Alexander Ereso discusses why fall and winter are good times to have plastic surgery.  

More Clothing Options for Covering Up

As the mercury finally dips down below summer temperatures, you’ll have more opportunity to throw on a sweater or even wrap up in a scarf. Additional layers are great at covering up the swelling that can follow cosmetic surgery. Even minimally invasive procedures may result in a little bit of swelling, and loose layers are the best way to keep it under wraps. For more comprehensive surgeries, such as liposuction or breast augmentation, the bulkier clothes that come with cooler temperatures make it much easier to conceal bandages and support garments.

Healing Is Easier When the Kids Are in School

It’s impossible for your body to properly heal when you’re constantly running around looking after someone else. Back-to-school time affords parents with the opportunity to rest while the kids are out of the house. It’s important not to overdo it as your body recovers from surgery, so don’t be afraid to enlist the help of your spouse or another family member during those first few weeks post-operation, while your body is still on the mend.

Look Great for the Holidays

Since an operation may require several weeks to heal before results can really be seen, many people consider early fall as an optimal time to undergo a cosmetic procedure in order to look their best by the holidays. The stress that accompanies hosting parties or traveling to visit relatives is quite enough to deal with on its own, without the added exhaustion of post-operative healing.

Many patients find that fall and winter are the best times to heal from cosmetic surgeries. To discuss your options in greater detail with Dr. Alexander Ereso, please call Pearl-Ereso Plastic Surgery Center at (650) 964-6600 to schedule a consultation.

Breast Augmentation: Is Bigger Better?

Everywhere you turn, it seems you’re being told you need more of something. Whether you’re being compelled to “super-size” a fast food combo, purchase the vehicle with more horsepower or buy one product to get another one free, you’re constantly being told that bigger is better. In this blog post, Dr. Alexander Ereso outlines why going giant-sized on breast augmentation isn’t necessarily the best choice for everyone.    

From Height to Tissue Type

Realistically, there is a finite number of implants that reasonably work for each body type. A candidate’s breast width is important, as is the height of her natural breast. A woman with a long torso, for instance, will need a taller implant to see noticeable results than someone of shorter stature. Another consideration is a patient’s skin type. Placing too much volume in loose or thin skin can lead to noticeable sagging.

Taking Out the Guesswork

Luckily, modern technology can help you see how different implant sizes would look on you. Three-dimensional images can be created from precise measurements and photographs to allow you to get a glimpse of the end result. Crisalix, an exciting new technology in plastic surgery that takes a 3D image of your body, has been recently acquired by Dr. Ereso. Using the Crisalix platform, you can “try on” different sizes in the comfort of your plastic surgeon’s office. Being able to see and discuss your “before” and “after” photo using implants of different sizes and shapes before the surgery will dramatically improve your confidence in knowing what size and shape works best for you. Knowledge is power, and by looking at a range of possibilities that fit your frame, you can ultimately pick the option that will flatter your figure the most.

Be Open-minded

Occasionally, women arrive at their consultations with expectations that don’t work well with their natural figures. It’s important to have an open conversation with your doctor, and consider his advice. If you opt for implants that are too large for your frame, you run the risk of developing noticeable breast sagging and potentially needing breast lift surgery down the road. After consultation, most patients leave wanting implants that fit within the natural parameters of their bodies.

Ultimately, it’s up to the patient to decide how large she wants her breasts to be. However, bigger is not always better, and it’s important to take your natural body type into consideration. To schedule a consultation to discuss breast augmentation with Dr. Alexander Ereso, please contact Pearl-Ereso Plastic Surgery Center at (650) 964-6600.