What Do You Do With Noses That Grow with Age? Alternatives to Nose Surgery

It’s true that noses enlarge with age. Why, you may ask? Noses may appear to grow as bones surrounding the area of the nose recede. Numerous studies have been performed to better understand the changes in bones and cartilage of the nose. There are some marked differences between women and men, including:

Ӣ In women, the size of top of the T-Zone area between the eyebrows at the top of the nose decreases. In addition, the eyebrows recede. Finally, the nostrils become enlarged, the tip may droop and the cheeks slide down forward. All factors contribute to the nose appearing much larger.
 ”¢ In men, the size of support for the cheeks (bones and tissue) decreases. The eyebrows sag and may tend to hang low. This combination creates the appearance of an enlarged nose. Interestingly enough, the plastic surgery community has developed some creative solutions for women and men that are interested in simple refinements of the nose, but not necessarily nose surgery, as follows:
Ӣ Facial fillers and injectibles may be used to add volume to areas of the face surrounding the nose. This in turn, creates the impression that the nose is smaller. Alternatively, women and men interested in refining their nose may do so through plastic surgery that may involve removing excess fat and skin from the surrounding cheek area to create the appearance of a smaller nose.
Ӣ There are also surgical options for the nose that does not involve surgery on the nose. Particularly, the area surrounding the nose may require bone grafting or facial implants to refine the appearance of the nose.

Indeed, there are several options available today to refine the appearance of the nose. Not all plastic surgeons focus on every treatment option available for nose enhancement. Plastic surgeons that focus on injectibles, facial implants, and nose surgery are often some of the best types of plastic surgeons to visit to learn more about the varying options for nose surgery.

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