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Introducing the Liposuction S.A.F.E. Technique

iStock_000005834226SmallAre you frustrated because you consistently make healthy diet and exercise decisions, yet you aren’t seeing the fat reduction results you desire?

Unfortunately, some problem areas of the body simply won’t respond to lifestyle efforts. It might be time to explore a surgical alternative with liposuction. Traditional liposuction is generally a safe procedure, but it has its limitations. Dr. Samuel Pearl has discovered an advanced liposuction system that improves upon traditional liposuction and provides smoother, more natural-looking body contouring results. Dr. Pearl is pleased to offer SAFELipo to his Mountain View liposuction patients.

More about SAFELipo

S.A.F.E. Liposuction is a technique developed by Dr. Simeon Wall from Shreveport, La., and has truly improved Dr. Pearl’s results. S.A.F.E. stands for Separation, Aspiration and Fatty Equilibration!

SAFELipo can be used to remove excess fat around the thighs, knees, waist, upper arms and neck. It can also be combined with another body contouring procedure, such as abdominoplasty or breast enhancement surgery.

Treatment Steps

First, Dr. Pearl will use special power-assisted liposuction probes to carefully loosen the targeted fat and separate the cells from each other and the supporting framework, without damaging the delicate surrounding structures. No suctioning is used during this portion of the procedure and no fat is removed. SAFELipo does not use thermal energy, which means that there is no risk of any heat damage.

Then, Dr. Pearl will use gentle suction to remove the fat cells from the body. Because the targeted fat has already been separated from the surrounding structures in the previous stage, Dr. Pearl is usually able to remove the fat with less effort. The approach is less traumatic than traditional liposuction and reduces post-operative bruising, swelling and internal scarring.

The final, crucial step of the SAFELipo procedure is what differentiates it from other liposuction approaches. Dr. Pearl will treat the remaining thin layer of subcutaneous fat that remains in the body and is essential for smooth, natural-looking results. He will use special probes to equalize this fat, therefore preventing the skin from adhering to the underlying muscle layer. This helps to prevent contour irregularities (e.g., lumps, divots, “wavy” skin) that can compromise the cosmetic effects of traditional liposuction treatment.

Schedule a SAFELipo Consultation

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Fat Grafting for Buttock Augmentation

shutterstock_80743537Full breasts and toned tummies have always been attention-grabbing body parts, but in the past few years, another area of the body has garnered plenty of attention: the buttocks.

If you desire a shapely buttocks, but were not born with a lot of natural volume in your backside, there is a procedure designed specifically for your needs — and it offers some incredible benefits!

The Brazilian Butt Lift uses fat grafting, a technique that involves transplanting surplus fat from another area of the body (e.g., thighs, abdomen) and injecting it into the buttocks to add shape and volume.

Brazilian Butt Lift is quickly growing in popularity. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the procedure saw a 16 percent increase last year. What’s more: the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery claims it is the fastest-growing procedure in the country. This year’s statistics will almost certainly show the trend continuing.

Brazilian Butt Lift is available at the Mountain View plastic surgery practice of Dr. Samuel Pearl. Dr. Pearl is always on the lookout for the latest, greatest and safest procedures and techniques, and is happy to incorporate the revolutionary butt lift procedure into his repertoire.

More about the Procedure

Brazilian Butt Lift is a two-part procedure. First, Dr. Pearl uses liposuction techniques to remove excess unwanted fat from the donor area of the body. This could be the abdomen, hips, lower back or thighs. Then, he purifies the fat and prepares it for re-injection. Finally, he injects the fat into the buttocks, with a focus on enhancing the upper quadrant of the behind to give it a “lifted” appearance. A multiple pass technique is used injecting small amounts of fat with each pass of the syringe into the soft tissues of the buttock. This increases the “take” or the survival of the fat injected.

If you are very thin and do not have enough donor fat to use, Dr. Pearl may advise you to gain weight. Or, he may explore your alternatives to fat injections.

Why You Will Love the Brazilian Butt Lift

There are several advantages of Brazilian Butt Lift over traditional buttock augmentation with an artificial implant. First, since the BBL uses your own fat, there is reduced risk of infection or adverse reaction. (With traditional buttock augmentation, placing a foreign implant device can run the risk of complications.)

Another advantage to using your own fat? It produces a much more natural result, which is important to many of Dr. Pearl’s patients who want to avoid an over-exaggerated or “cartoonish” look.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of Brazilian Butt Lift is that the donor area of the body receives liposuction to look slimmer. By redistributing the fat, Dr. Pearl simultaneously enhances the shape of the buttocks, hips and thighs. Suctioning the fatty tissues of the lower back, flanks and the superior most part of the buttocks with special attention to detail, is essential to obtain the best appearance and provide a comprehensive body sculpting result!

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5 Advantages of Using the Keller Funnel

iStock_000011370977SmallDr. Pearl is continually looking for techniques and technology to improve his patients’ plastic surgery experiences. An instrument that has monumentally helped improve breast augmentation surgery is the Keller Funnel, an FDA-approved device that helps Dr. Pearl place silicone gel implants.

To use the device, Dr. Pearl places the tip of the soft, conical-shaped nylon device through the surgical incision, and places the pre-filled implant in the funnel. Then, he uses a gentle pushing/squeezing motion to coax the implant through the funnel and into place within the breast pocket. The Keller Funnel can safely be used with periareolar, transaxillary and inframammary surgical incision patterns.

Let’s look at five ways that using the Keller Funnel improves the delivery of silicone breast implants.

1.     Requires Shorter Incisions

Dr. Pearl is able to make smaller surgical incisions, similar to those used in saline implant placement. Smaller incisions produce less visible post-operative scarring (especially helpful for women who are prone to scarring).

2.     Reduces the Risk of Infection

Using the Keller Funnel involves a no-touch sterile approach that reduces the risk of bacteria contaminating the implant shell and causing an infection. This is also believed to reduce capsular contracture, a painful implant-related complication in which the capsule contracts and hardens.

3.     Faster Healing

Placing implants with the Kennel Funnel technique reduces the amount of trauma on the breast tissue; this lends itself to a quicker, easier recovery with less post-operative pain.

4.     Less Stress/Force on the Implant Shell

The funnel’s slippery coating allows Dr. Pearl to use a minimal amount of force when positioning and placing the breast implant. This puts less stress on the implant shell and reduces the risk of the implant weakening or rupturing (which would require another surgery to remove or replace the implants). The Keller Funnel can prolong the life of the breast implants.

5.     Quicker Procedure

The Keller Funnel generally makes the entire surgery proceed more quickly.

Learn More About Breast Augmentation Using the Keller Funnel

For more information about the Keller Funnel technique, or to schedule a breast implants consultation, please contact Dr. Pearl by calling (650) 964-6600.

Good News for Women Desiring Natural-Looking Breast Implants

black braPlastic surgery technology is constantly evolving — and one of the most exciting advances has happened within the breast implant industry. In the past year, Allergan and Sientra have both released anatomically shaped implants filled with a special type of silicone gel that is very similar to natural breast tissue. According to Dr. Pearl, these implants are perfect for women seeking subtle breast augmentation results.

Let’s look at the two types of anatomically shaped, highly cohesive silicone gel breast implants in more detail:

Allergan Natrelle 410 Breast Implants

Allergan’s Natrelle 410 breast implants are filled with a highly cohesive silicone gel material that has a thicker consistency than traditional silicone gel implants. The highly cohesive silicone gel helps the implant maintain its shape over time, and it produces a very natural look and feel.

Natrelle implants are teardrop shaped, meaning they have a gently sloping contour. They also have a textured surface that reduces the risk of capsular contracture (a hardening around the implant shell). Natrelle implants are available in various sizes, heights and projections.

Sientra Shaped, Textured Breast Implants

Like the Natrelle implants, Sientra anatomically shaped breast implants have a shape, weight and feel that is similar to natural breast tissue. They are filled with highly cohesive silicone gel that enables the implants to retain their form. Highly cohesive silicone gel virtually eliminates the risk of the implant rippling or folding within its shell. The filling material is so stable that even if the implant were to be twisted, stretched or sliced in half, it would not leak.

Sientra implants are teardrop shaped to mimic the natural breast contour (a round shape is also available) and they come with either a smooth or textured shell. A smooth shell allows the implant to move around more freely within the breast pocket. Sientra implants also come in a variety of projections.

If you opt for anatomically shaped breast implants, Dr. Pearl will help you select the best pair based on your body type and ideal cosmetic outcome.

Achieve a More Natural Look With Anatomically Shaped Breast Implants

If you’d like more information about anatomically correct breast implants, or you’d like to see some of Dr. Pearl’s before and after photographs, please contact our office by calling (650) 964-6600.

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